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Zodi propane camp shower
« on: August 31, 2016, 10:07:06 PM »

I've used this many times and it works great!   If you place the pickup in a 5 gallon water container and let the water run back into the container, it's pretty warm in 2-3 minutes and very hot in 5.  Preheating the water this way works best if you're taking Navy showers.  You don't want the burner going without the pump running.   You can also use the shower's red box as a water container.  It holds approximately 2 gallons.  This is plenty for 2-3 showers.  It takes 4 D cell batteries, and they last for at least 20-25 showers.  We're moving, and then buying an off road camper, so I no longer need it.  This uses disposable propane cylinders. The red box lid is removable and holds the cylinder base tightly.    This stabilizes the bottle and the burner. $85 or best offer plus shipping. Call me at 4 oh five, 5 seven zero, six six 59.  With the move I don't have much time to spend online right now.
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