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Re: PINS for Memorial Day weekend
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2016, 07:37:28 PM »
A trip out is always good! But it wasn't quite ideal  :D

The forecast looked great beforehand, but conditions were tough when we got there. Took a little longer getting down there, got in late. Rolled up a half mile on the beach, but the wind was ridiculous. 40+ mph sustained EASY. Noone was out aside from one old Bronco with a guy sleeping in the shell. Absolutely no way a tent was getting pitched, so we turned back and slept in the parking lot at 1:30 AM. Woke up early to three other vehicles in the parking lot with the same idea:

Got the dog situated and rolled back into town to fill the jerry cans. Came back in and saw it was not a good day to be out on an inflatable boat! I asked the lady at the front gate how beach conditions were, and she said the tide is exceptionally high. I asked how about further down the beach past 5-mile; she laughed and said their jeep had a hard time making it down and back. I asked how about conditions at low tide? Once again, laughter... "honey, the water hasn't stood down! There may not be a low tide this weekend! And just a warning: if you go out on the beach and get stuck, we aren't coming after ya!!!":

The night before and day of, the waves were rising up so there wasn't too much left between high-water and the dunes. We found a good spot at the beachside campground, which had some dune protection. Even then, throughout the trip, about half of the tents attempted to be set up were ripped down with broken poles. With some creative staking, we wound up alright.

While not exactly camping 60 miles downshore like expected, we explored during the day. Tides stayed high, but plenty of people packed out the dunes as the weekend wore on.

Had a vehicle dig in at Yarborough Pass when we first came in, saw an angry Ranger Jeep heading in as we pulled out. Did some surf-fishing, but it was just too tough bearing the waves, so mostly wade-fished the bayside. Was pleasantly surprised at how shallow the bays were and had a good time. Saw a father-and-son combo with two sheepshead on the stringer one morning, with no structure in sight! Mostly specks otherwise. Learned a bit about my power-setup; two marine batteries weren't quite up to the task of keeping my 63 qt fridge cool for 3.5 days, I didn't have time to toss the solar panels up before heading out and was surprised I should have brought them. Overall, a great trip. Great reminder that predicting beach conditions is a futile task.
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