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Vehicle Modification and Creation / 2003 4Runner Limited V8
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:52:44 PM »
I've mostly been lurking with little contribution and noticed the forums seem quiet lately. I felt it was time for me to contribute a little more so I'm going to add some info about the 4Runner.

I started with a '02 3rd gen 4R which was passed down to my daughter when she turned 16. At this point I bought an '04 SR5 V6 and drove it for a couple years which was recently handed down to my son when he turned 16. That brings me to the '03 Limited I'm currently driving.

'02 Limited

'04 SR5

When I bought her.

As she sits today.

After bringing her home the normal maintenance began, all fluids were changed less power steering, spark plugs changed, MAF cleaned along with the throttle body.

When going over the 4R I discovered the driver CV boot was torn and would need to be replaced. I picked up an AutoZone CV so I could get her back on the road. I kept the old CV and plan on rebuilding so I will have a spare.

A suspension lift wasn't in the cards at this time but I did need to pick up tires. I ordered the Daystar 2.5/1/5 spacer lift which allowed me to pick up the tires I wanted. I don't have plans on replacing the stock wheels so a set of spidertrax wheel spacers were ordered also.

My son had a cracked taillight so I ordered a set of black taillights for my 4R and moved my old lights to his ride. New light is on the left.

While researching DIY roof racks I stumbled on a unistrut/wood rack and decided to make my own version.
Pic of inspiration

I used two pieces of angle on each side attached to the stock roof rack with a nylon bushing between them to reduce squeaks. I decided to use the shorter unistrut for the cross members but now wish I had used the taller style. The unistrut allows for unlimited mounting options for shovels, scepter/jerry cans and storage. As I have time I plan to make a few more mods to the rack but want to work out the bugs so I can knock them all out at once (yes, raising the rack is one of the mods). I have also added an aluminum wind deflector on the front but don't have any pics to add.

Shovel mount

Vehicle Modification and Creation / 02 4Runner
« on: May 06, 2013, 01:00:11 PM »
Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x4
3.4L V6

Front-OME881 with OME Gas shocks
Rear-OME891 with OME 60027 HD shocks

Linear Power 2202 sub amp
Bazooka 6.5" Sub
Samsung cradle for Galaxy S3
USB connector wired into dash
Wagan Tech 1250W Inverter W/4ga power to battery
Midland 75-822 portable CB W/Wilson fiberglass antenna and custom mount
Icom IC-208H Dual Band radio W/remote faceplate, Comet RS720 mount and Comet antenna

Wheels and Tires
Wheels-Stock Coke bottle wheels
Tires-265/75/16 Goodyear Duratrac

Constant 12V cig power

On board air-Masterflow MF-1050 with connections at front and rear of Runner (needs work).

I'm migrating the build from another site, providing a few pics to show the progression.


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